Wooden Watches... Can a Man wear Them?

I have seen the first wooden watches a couple of years ago in a boutique. It was indeed a fresh look for the eye and a surprise as well. For all the materials available, precious and semi precious metals, why wood? I never thought I would write an article about wood watch before. Its build quality was not so great years ago and it looked more like a toy rather than a matter of hype for fashion enthusiasts.

This seems changed a lot since then. The wooden watch became part of suit specialist stores and leisure boutiques as well. It looks good with formal and all kind of outfit. Sometimes wearing something that’s a bit more unique is good for your style. There’s a lot of guys that are dressing for others and not for themselves. They are wearing the same shoes, the same trousers, they just literally want to blend in. When they see something they really like they don’t want to wear it, they go like “hmm, this looks really great, but I have never seen somebody wearing it, so I don’t have the courage to wear it.”

When it comes to accessories, it’s all about creating a statement. Wooden watch is a great statement accessory. It’s unique, but at the same time, it’s still just a watch. Do the material which it’s made from make a difference? Yes, it is. Wooden watch is all about sustainability without the cheap look of plastic. Wood is a natural material. When there’s something made from wood, it’s unique. Even though it’s made under a CNC milling machine for the same template, the wood grain and the tone of the wood is irreproducible. When I look at a wooden watch, I can see a story. A wood watch is always emboldening the individual, its tiny knots, the irregularities in the wood grain and the spots at the end grain is all playing their small fraction of the bigger scene.

Wood Watch manufacture

The build quality of today’s wooden watches is excellent. I choose my manufacturer carefully. This way, you can be sure that Dora’s Jewellery as a brand will give you a wooden watch from a manufacturer who have stress tested the wooden watch model, the materials are coming from responsible sources, the workers are well trained and paid fairly while working humane hours in good working conditions. These watches are not cheap pieces from a sweat shop in the far east. These are quality masterpiece wooden watches made with professionalism and a bit of love. Dora's Jewellery wooden watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail.

A wooden watch is a great accessory for any man and look great for almost any outfit.

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