The Unique nature of Wooden Watches

Ever since the first wristwatch was made by Patek Philippe a Swiss, various developments have been witnessed in this time-keeping model. Manufacturers from all over the world have tried to come up with better models than their predecessors; an indication that the fascination of telling time is still rooted deeply into our blood. It is interesting to note that when wristwatches were first invented, men were not comfortable with putting them on with the notion that they looked better on women. They preferred the larger more traditional time-keeping pieces; which is not a surprise because the early man had a lot of masculinity issues to worry about. Currently, the numerous inventions have made wristwatches more appealing to men as they use them to complement their trendy and stylish outfits.

A more interesting timepiece is the wooden watches with an ecofriendly finishing touch. It is evident that with the current world order, inventors are coming up with ideas on how to recycle the already used pieces of wood to make something out of them. Of concern is the need to make most items from biodegradable products so that after their lifetime they can decompose without causing much harm to the natural environment. In contrast, not all wooden watches are completely made out of wood. Some manufacturers use wood to imply a natural finish onto the already made metallic watches. User comfort is important when making these timekeeping pieces. The light nature of wood makes it preferable as many timekeepers prefer a device that they can comfortably walk around with.Also wood is a poor heat conductor unlike metal which is very vulnerable to temperature. Research has shown that wooden watches have great health benefits because it helps your body stay calm, and stress-free. For those who love Mother Nature, wooden watches provide the best connection to nature’s power and energy.

Engraved Wooden Watches for special occasions

Grooming for any occasion is a very important step in our day to day activities. Yet many people take this as a by-the-way. When an individual is well groomed you can’t help but admire their pleasant, charismatic, and likable nature. In fact, our success and happiness solely depends on the perception that people have about us when we are well groomed. Apart from having a trendy and stylish shirt, trouser, cap, dress, or even shoes; you need to complement your look with an engraved wooden watch.

The design of the engraved watch depends on the customer’s taste and preference. Wooden watches manufacturers have made this easier for their customers by letting them decide on how they want their watches to look like. Say you want to surprise your loved ones with a watch. What best can you do than have his/her name written on the watch? Be it a Christmas, christening, wedding, or a birth dedication to godparents or new parents personalized engraved wooden watches.

  1. Corporate Gifting

During these occasions it is important to come up with a unique gift that will leave a lasting impression. You can have the company logo engraved onto the wooden watch that you are about to present to employees and executives. Furthermore, one can go ahead and imprint a business message onto the watches. The business messages will serve as a constant reminder of what goals should be achieved by the end of a successful financial year. Wooden watches serve as a complete appreciation tool for recognizing employees and business associates. Henceforth, they will be motivated to work harder so as to achieve organization’s goal.

  1. Birthdays and Wedding anniversaries

Birthdays and wedding anniversaries are very special occasions in our lifetime. Birthday gifts often make a mark on a new beginning for those celebrating their birthdays. It is therefore important that you pick gifts that will melt their hearts forever and have them talk non-stop to their friends or family. An engraved wooden watch can be the best gift to those celebrating their birthdays. You instruct the manufacturers to engrave the age of the one that you are presenting the gift to. Also, you can have their names imprinted onto the watch.

As for wedding anniversaries it is important that come up with a unique idea that will be used to commemorate the wedding of a loved one; be it your wife, brother, sister or even a friend. If it is a couple that you adore so much you can have their picture engraved onto the wooden watches. If it’s your best friend’s wedding anniversary, you can go an extra mile and engrave their favorite book, color, country, dish, and team. This will constantly remind them of the beautiful memories when they put on those wooden watches.

  1. Carrier/ Life accomplishments

Life accomplishments can vary from better relationships to improved health and finance. Sometimes it is important to gift yourself with something beautiful after a long period of toiling to achieve certain goals that you had set in life. Picking the right gift is normally a hard task and most people seek expert opinions on what can act as a motivation for a life well-lived. Remember, the gift should be exceptional because achievements shouldn’t be taken for granted. Failure to which, you won’t have something to constantly remind you of the progress that you have made and which you plan to achieve. Luckily, you can get yourself a wooden watch engraved with motivational quotes from those who have inspired your success journey.

For example if it is a health achievement; say a successful fight against cancer you can engrave the period which you battled with the disease. This will act as a motivating factor to continue inspiring other victims that all is possible if they believe and put effort towards eradicating the disease.

  1. Wedding Events

Wedding occasions require that the groomsmen and bridesmaids be exceptionally well dressed. A complete natural look can be achieved by ensuring that they put on matching wooden watches with their pictures engraved onto them. This will hence give a perfect wedding outlook.