Rules of Wearing Jewellery

You have been lucky to find a piece of jewellery you like. And upon arriving at home, when you tried it in front of a mirror, you realise something is wrong. Have you ever had this feeling? For perfect harmony, jewellery, just like clothes have to be a perfect fit. While your dress should be a perfect fit for your body shape, jewels should be in harmony with your face shape. Dora is telling you the type of jewellery that suits to never disappoint you at home in front of the mirror.

To determine your face shape, you only have to sit in front of a mirror, tie back your hair and carefully compare your face shape with each of the images below.

Face Shapes

Heart face shape

Because your forehead is wider than your jaw, it is best to choose jewels that soften your slit line. Avoid long "V" shaped necklaces, as they optically make it more narrow. Choose necklaces that are short or can't bend to a "V" shape and follow the line of your clavicle or end in 1-2 centimeters below. For earrings, try a teardrop shape.

Reese Witherspoon

Round face shape

If your face is round, try to wear jewels that narrow your face line. These include long "V" shaped necklaces and vertical earrings such as straight pendant or even narrower chandeliers. Avoid short necklaces and round necklaces because these types of jewelery even give you a rounded shape of your face, and making your neck optically thick!

Selena Gomez

Squarel Rectangular face shape

If your face is rectangular, that is, your forehead and sleeve line is wide, you should choose jewellery that counteract, overexpose your facial features and dim the edges. Choose long "V" necklaces or short necklaces of a kind that, with a short but pointed embroidery, make them eye-catching. With earrings, long oval, narrow chandeliers and raindrops are good. Avoid statement jewellery and large circles. If you would like to keep track of your 2018 jewellery trends, then focus on your hands, wear bracelets, wooden watches or rings. Believe me, you will love them and their effect will not be missed!

Keira Knightley

Diamond face shape

Diamond is the rarest face shape, characterized by a narrow forehead and stalk, and the widest part of the face is at the cheeks. If you have a diamond-shaped face, you are a very lucky person. You can wear any type of jewelery, you just have to keep in mind that the earrings should not be too long. Choose earrings that do not hang below your shoulders because it will stretch your face line too much.

Scarlett Johansson

Triangular face shape

The triangular face, the opposite of the hearth face shape. Narrow forehead and wide jaw. If you have a triangular face, wear short, fine necklaces and earrings with the narrowest point is around your jaw line - such as the reverse triangle. You can also wear thin earrings, but not long necklaces, large necklaces, and statement jewellery.

Victoria Beckham

Square (Oblong) face shape

If your face shape is square, your forehead, face and foreheads are similar in width. It is advisable to wear short necklaces that reduce elongated lines. The statement type pieces seemed to have been created for you! You can wear bold embroideries, they will be great! The opposites complement each other perfectly! If you have a narrow face, you can choose round or semi-circular earrings that broaden your face. Avoid long "V" necklaces because they would even give you a looong look!

Jessica Alba

Oval face shape

The oval faces are in the most advantageous, since the elongated face has many possibilities. You can wear almost any type of jewel you like. Wide earrings and statement pieces are great. Only one rule is worth keeping in mind, the length of your earrings does not exceed your lip line!

Liv Tyler