Resin Engagement Ring: Is It Even A Thing?

Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend anymore! The world has changed considerably with the idea of alternative engagement rings gaining ground as well. So forget about whipping out the diamond solitaire that will wipe out your savings at one go and pop the question by presenting her with a wonderfully ornate resin engagement ring.

No worries! Your sweetheart will be sure to be delighted with your unconventional approach and show it off to the world. Sure, it has to be spectacular to look at but a resin ring can capture the attention of all those who matter in a big way. In fact, you will be pleased to find it to be the talking point at parties and to dos. You do not have to give her a plain resin akin to a thimble though.

Here are a few ideas that can make a difference. Do check and voice your opinion.

Try to get hold of a beautiful resin ring resplendent with natural elements. You may well find pressed lavenders, dried moss and bits and pieces of silver or gold foils atop the lovely ring. Place it firmly into her finger and celebrate nature along with your togetherness.

Find a sturdy wooden ring that has been encased in a protective layer of resin. It would be apt for the occasion and light as the proverbial feather. She will not feel the burden of your relationship weighing her down therefore.

Get an epoxy opal N resin ring that shimmers and shines every time she moves her hands. The handcrafted ring will also glow in the dark making your thought come alive every single minute.

Now here’s a beauty! You must not forgo this magnificent offering created artfully out of resin. The black ring flaked with gold makes it a fitting engagement ring. You just cannot find a precious gem that matches this one. It is minimalist and eco friendly at the same time, totally suitable for daily use.

What more do you want? You have the freedom to choose a lightweight and durable ring made to celebrate nature while it fits right into your budget. Celebrate your engagement in style with resin! You will definitely be able to enjoy your future life to the fullest.

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