Come 14th February and the world will be all agog to celebrate the day of love. Young couples will be seen romancing like there is no tomorrow and the old, married people will look on smugly, exchanging gifts and content with holding hands reminiscing about their life together. Unfortunately, the day has been hijacked by the commercial establishment who try to push their products into our faces. While you may wish to please your sweetheart by gifting her a diamond solitaire, the reality will not allow you to spend thousands for celebrating your bond of love. Do not be scared to admit the truth though and spend the day together whispering sweet nothings in her petite ears. Remember that love does not really make the world go around. Instead, it makes your life worthwhile! So, forget the inadequacies and wait for the sparkle in her eyes as you gift her a red rose this time. You might also go the extra mile and gift her something modest albeit meaningful. You can surely take the DIY route and craft something with your bare hands. No worries if you do not have the patience or dexterity, however. Try to wow her with a resin gift. It will be a fitting way to take the road less travelled by. Here are some ideas to get you started. Happy Valentine’s Day! Get her a garden full of spring flowers in the form of a beautiful necklace replete with pressed flowers. Ferns, daises, heather and clovers all come together in a colorful combo widening her smile. You will find her wearing it to all occasions that matter and that will make it worth every penny. A handmade ring fashioned in the lines of an antique gold one can spike the love in her eyes once again. Place it on her fingers with care and watch her caress it every now and then. It is going to sit lightly on her person and make it feel like a natural extension much like your love that envelops her 24X7. Help him count the seconds by gifting a beautiful sandal wood watch engraved with a unique love message proclaiming your love. It will be a true confirmation of your love as the quaint watch keeps ticking away in anticipation of the next lovers meet.