Monthly Archives: January 2019

  1. Make A Statement With Resin On Valentine’s Day

    Come 14th February and the world will be all agog to celebrate the day of love. Young couples will be seen romancing like there is no tomorrow and the old, married people will look on smugly, exchanging gifts and content with holding hands reminiscing about their life together.
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  2. Resin Engagement Ring: Is It Even A Thing?

    Resin Engagement Ring: Is It Even A Thing?
    Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend anymore! The world has changed considerably with the idea of alternative engagement rings gaining ground as well. So forget about whipping out the diamond solitaire that will wipe out your savings at one go and pop the question by presenting her with a wonderfully ornate resin engagement ring.
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  3. Resin Jewellery

    Resin jewellery is gaining popularity by the day. Making jewellery is just one of the ways resin casting is used. Some of the other uses are in the making of industrial or medical prototypes. People also use resin casts to make small models or toys.
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